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About Lynn Rogers

Lynn Rogers was born in Berkeley, California and marched for peace and civil rights as a teenager. "On the road" in the late 60's, Lynn met Beat & Hippie legends like Ken Kesey and Neal Cassady. These adventures and many that followed -- including spiritual awakenings and parenting an autistic child--inspired articles, novels and Outsider art.

After earning a bachelors degree in transpersonal psychology at Antioch University in San Francisco, she took postgraduate studies at Matthew Fox's Institute of Culture and Creation Spirituality in Oakland and completed a masters degree at Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Currently based in San Jose, California, she serves as lecturer, teacher and intuitive counselor for diverse groups, including colleges, churches, and the media -- integrating the Edgar Cayce and other traditions with that of the reemerging Divine Feminine.

Lynn Rogers leads lively creative writing classes in the south bay community, with booklets and tapes available on transpersonal topics including Twin Souls and "Edgar Cayce & the "Eternal Feminine".  Lynn provides licensed pastoral counseling to those seeking spiritually inspired guidance.   Lynn Rogers also offers Wise Women’s and Intuitive classes beneath ancient oaks by her Los Gatos home and, like wise women of old, around the warmth of her own hearth.   For more on classes, counseling, and lectures click here

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Intuitive and spontaneous, she starts with graphite, adds watercolor, xerography or blown out 60s digital splash. She demonstrates mosaic recycle art, was a Mixed Media Finalist at the Triton in 07 and has won awards in juried shows. Regarding her illustrated south by mystery, A "Valley of Ashes," Metro suggested: "her experience with blighted areas and marginal people in society borders on the spiritual." She also designed its evocative cover.


Her "art epochs" include: Berkeley era pen and inks, 70s visionary, 80s icons, 90s illustrations, millennial mixed media and lately--coming full circle—quick sketches from nude modeling sessions offered at Stone Griffin Gallery in Campbell, where her work is displayed. Rogers also enjoys male and diverse age models.   She currently serves as First Vice President of Golden Hills Art Association in Milpitas.

"Lynn Rogers' lovely nudes are fresh examples of her fertile imagination. She is not only an accomplished writer of several novels, but also has exquisite drawings through which the Goddess shines in both an earthy and airy elegance."  --Bea Garth


Outsider artist Lynn Rogers M.A. is also a post-Beat independent author of illustrated books, including Born In Berkeley, Side Roads, The  Rainbow's Daughter, Revenge of the Goddess,  Edgar Cayce And The Eternal Feminine, and many more.  Mentor and teacher to aspiring writers in San Jose and Los Gatos, she founded Valley of Hearts Delight Writers, teaches Creative Writing (and illustrating) for MetroEd and Creative Memoir Writing for Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation. For further information: (408) 559-5995.

Side Roads

Lynn Rogers writes Beat-era novels full of the flavor of San Jose and the valley   --Gary Singh, Metroactive

"In these trying times, with more and more writers churning out dreck for the Oprah-saturated populace, Lynn Rogers publishes novels riddled with a beautifully incongruous post-Beat hodgepodge of suburban societal fragments.  Even better, her books occasionally take place in San Jose"

"Rogers' newest work, Side Roads, is perhaps her most "San Jose" novel to date."

 "I met Rogers in Japantown in order to explore a few locales in the book, including the shack behind the house on Jackson Street. It was like getting a tour of Cairo from the Nobel-winning author Naguib Mahfouz, who painted the streets of that city in more than 50 books."  -- Excerpts by journalist Gary Singh, Read More



More Articles...

Silicon Alleys, Paging Silicon Valley.  By Gary Singh

"I've been saying for years that what will finally put San Jose on the map is not the fact that we're the 10th largest city, the fifth cleanest big city, the eighth most walkable city or whatever twaddle the politicians are regaling us with this week. It will take authors who place San Jose locales in their novels. That's what will do it. Take local writer Lynn Rogers for example. Aside from co-authoring the Arcadia Publishing photo book on Alviso, she also writes novels that take place in the industrial wastelands of the South Bay and feature beautifully marginalized antiheroes of the suburbs..."  Read More  


Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts

"Outsider artist Lynn Rogers M.A., had her talents showcased in Anthology III, including the center poster in which she combined creative forces with Jerry Kamstra (with his prose piece entitled "The Buzz From The Bees"). Rogers is also a post-Beat independent author of illustrated books, including Born in Berkeley --" Read More






 All of the above titles are available from or from directly contacting the author or Inkling Press.   Be sure to browse this site to view her other books, additional published works, as well as available manuscripts.

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